Baby GIRL Home Kit

Baby GIRL Home Kit

How it Works & What to Expect

• We want to avoid any confusion or mistake. We make it easy for you to follow our 3-step method.

• You have access to our private Training & Support Center (online) for 6 months.

• You will receive (unlimited) personalized support from our gender selection experts.

• Your Home Kit and its content (digital & physical goods) are valid for 6 months.

• We ship worldwide (most countries). Discreet envelope for your privacy.

Your Baby Girl Home Kit includes everything listed on this page.

pH Level Test Kit

Scientific studies have demonstrated that the pH level of the woman’s reproductive tract has a direct impact on the gender of the baby she will conceive.

Testing your pH level is the very 1st step involved in our 3-step program. It’s easy to do and we’ll tell you exactly how to proceed. We will also verify your readings and validate your calculation and test results.

• Gender Selection pH Test Strips

• Color Chart to Analyse Your pH Level Test Results

• Calculation Grid to Determine Your Body’s pH Level

• Complete Easy-to-Follow Instructions

The Official Gender Selection Diet

It has been proven and backed by extensive research that the Baby Girl Diet will not only change the pH level in the mother’s body, but it will also change the polarity of the ovum. By controlling your intake of specific minerals, you will be able to alter your ovarian metabolism. It will affect the consistency of your cervical mucus and make your reproductive tract more hospitable to the type of sperm required to conceive a baby girl.

• Baby GIRL Gender Selection Diet & Guidelines

• The Exact Daily Intake for Each Food Group

• The Complete List of Foods to Eat and to Avoid

• A Practical Guide to Menu Planning

Acidic/Alkaline Food Color Chart

This is an extensive food chart that will allow you to easily look up the acidic and alkaline effect each food has on your body’s pH level.

The chart categorizes a food as either acidic or alkaline based on the effect consumption of the food has on your body after it’s been digested.

For example, if a food tends to increase your body’s acidity after it has been ingested, it is classified as an ‘acid forming’ food.

The effect certain foods have on your pH level can be completely different than the pH of the foods themselves.

For example, lemons and oranges are highly acidic foods due to their high citrus acid content. But after being metabolized, it will cause your body’s pH level to become alkaline.

Baby GIRL Diet Recipes

The gender selection diet is somewhat restrictive in its portion of certain foods and following the guidelines can be challenging. Some women comment about the difficulty of trying to adapt recipes to suit it. And if you already have a few children at home, it’s even harder to adhere to the diet and to plan menus for the entire family.

Our solution to make it much easier for you lies in our delicious “Girl Diet Recipes”. You will find more than 130 of them, all in compliance with the gender selection diet’s guidelines.

• 134 Baby GIRL Diet Recipes

• Breakfast Menus & Lunch Suggestions

• PLUS 20 Miscellaneous Bonus Recipes

pH Balancing Supplements (Optional)

Just to be clear and to avoid any confusion… The 3 pH adjustment tools listed above are included in your Home Kit and are all you need to succeed.

However, we know that some of you don’t like diets and/or don’t believe that you can stick to it. NO problem, we have the perfect solution for you!

Taking 100% safe & natural supplements is the fastest and easiest way to bring your body’s pH to the optimal level required to conceive a baby girl.

We do not include supplements in your Home Kit because it would increase its cost and you may not even need them. First, you have to test your pH level to determine if it needs to be adjusted or not.

IF your pH level needs to be adjusted and IF you prefer to take natural girl supplements to achieve the desired result, this option is available to you.

IMPORTANT:  Your Home Kit does not include supplements. This is an optional tool that you can purchase separately, if needed/desired.

Baby GIRL ‘Crucial Dates’

Our famous and proven ‘Crucial Dates’ have been adding PINK to several thousands of families worldwide since 1996.

After you have completed the first 2 steps (pH testing and pH adjusting), you are ready to start trying to conceive.

Each month, there are 4 specific dates on which any woman will successfully conceive a baby girl, but only ‘if’ her pH level is in the optimal ‘baby girl zone’ at the time of conception.

Your Baby Girl Home Kit includes:

• Three (3) Sets of Crucial Dates to Conceive a Baby GIRL

• Instructions on How to Use the Crucial Dates (guidelines, do’s and don’ts)

• Time Zone Converter Tool for Your Specific Location in the World

(You can purchase more Crucial Dates separately, if needed.)

Private Training Center

This is where you will find everything you need to use and to succeed with your Baby GIRL Home Kit!

It contains a lot of valuable information along with clear step-by-step instructions on how to use our 3-step gender selection method for maximum results.

Our online baby gender selection training center is password protected and exclusive to our valued customers. You will be able to register and have access shortly after you purchase your Home Kit (within 48 hours).

You will have unlimited access to the Training & Support Center for 6 months.

Personal Help & Support

Caring for our valued customers is not just part of what we do, it’s all we do!

We are here for you because we know how important conceiving your little princess is to you, and to your family.

We offer unlimited email support for any question you may have for 6 months.

You can submit as many support tickets as you need and you will always receive a response from one of our experts in a timely manner.

Our dedicated customer support team is friendly, knowledgeable and highly qualified to help you achieve your baby gender selection dream.

* 4 Bonus Gifts *

• 1 Pregnancy Test and 2 Ovulation Tests

• How to Prevent and Cure Morning Sickness (eBook – 44 pages)

• Healthy Pregnancy Without Extra Pounds (PDF Report)

• Top 100 Baby Girl Names of the Year

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