If the ‘Crucial Dates’ to conceive the desired gender fall on (or close to) your period, it simply means that your menstrual cycle is not favorable for the conception of that particular gender for that month. One more reason to use the 3-step method, which not only prevents you from conceiving the opposite gender than the one you desire — it ensures that you will only attempt conception on the 4 specific dates of the month that produce the desired gender (when paired with the optimal pH level).

A woman’s cycle changes frequently. All women can conceive the desired gender, depending on which cycle conception occurs. By following the 3-step method to conceive the gender you wish for, you will have the privilege to know exactly when to try to conceive / only when your cycle is favorable for the gender you want. When paired with the optimal pH level required to conceive that specific gender, it explains why the success rate of this method is so high.

The ‘Crucial Dates’ gradually change from one month to another, and so does your cycle. Therefore, your fertile window will eventually line-up with the ‘Crucial Dates’. It always happens, sooner or later, but obviously varies (as far as when and/or how long it takes) from one woman to another.

As successful as the 3-step method is (25+ years track record), your top priority has to be the gender you will conceive, over the exact month on which conception will occur. Giving birth to the gender you’re longing for is well worth it, correct?

That being said, if you’re anxious to get pregnant, and  if you don’t want to wait for that ‘natural’ timing to come, you can use an optional tool (Timing Kit) to alter your cycle, and line-up your fertile window with the Crucial Dates sooner. (Sold separately – $49 USD.)

You will find all the information you need about the ‘Timing Kit’ inside our private (members only) training & support center. Also, the ladies from the member support team will help you determine if you should (or shouldn’t) consider using it (based on your specific cycle), and will assist you throughout the process if you decide to go ahead with that option.