The minimum requirement is to test your pH level once a month for 5 consecutive days, right before your Crucial Dates start.

However, we recommend to test your pH level at least twice a month to keep track and to make sure that it is being maintained at the level it has to be. It allows you to adjust (or re-adjust) it, if need be.

It is important to test your pH level every month until pregnancy is achieved.

* Important Fact to Know About pH Level Test Strips:

There are many different types and brands available on the market and they all differ significantly in their quality, accuracy and effectiveness.

Consequently, the results and readings that you will get from using various brands will be different.

The high-grade quality pH level test strips (and matching color chart) included in our gender selection Home Kit have the highest accuracy level on the market.

The only way to ensure accurate pH testing along with reliable & consistent readings is to strictly use the gender selection pH test strips that we provide you with. This is very important.