We are well aware of Dr. Landrum Shettles ‘timing’ theory pretending that:

“The closer to ovulation you have intercourse, the better the chances to conceive a baby boy and that for a baby girl it is best to conceive a few days prior to ovulation.”

However, an alarming (very large) number of families have used that technique for decades and failed repeatedly. We receive emails every month from parents who tell us that unfortunately, they are one of them.

From our vast experience, proven track records and with the outstanding success rate we’ve had since 1996, we can assure you that our method and Home Kit is a lot more accurate and reliable.

The perfect timing between your fertile window (ovulation) and our ‘Crucial Dates’ to conceive the desired gender is something to be very excited about! Forget about Dr. Shettles and have intercourse on the Crucial Dates you were given (as long as your pH level is in the optimal pH zone required).

Have faith in our proven method, follow the 3 simple steps exactly as instructed and be one of our Success Stories!