To start with, please allow us to clarify something:

We’ve been “Often Copied, But Never Equaled” – also known as “Often Imitated, Never Duplicated”.

We have been proudly sharing and teaching the 3-step gender selection method for the last 28 years and finding great joy in doing so. Unfortunately, over the last 10 to 12 years, a lot of other gender selection methods started to appear all over the internet, made up by ‘copycats’ who are obviously trying to make a dime out of people’s dreams. That’s not only a shame, but also a sad reality – something you need to be aware of as you search the web for natural gender swaying methods. Just be careful, use your best judgement, and accept no substitute or imitation.

==> What is the 3-step method based on?

Our method is 100% unique. It is different from / has nothing to do with:

– Chinese Calendars
– Astrology / Religion
– Shettles or Whelan or Billings
– BabyDust or GenderDreaming
– GenSelect or SmartStork
– The ‘Ovulation Method’
– Old Wives’ Tales / Urban Legend

… or anything else you have ever ‘heard’ of or ‘read’ about.

The 3-step method is quite simple. It is based on the (scientific) fact that the body’s pH level of a woman has an impact on her internal environment (reproductive tract) and consequently, has an impact on the gender of the baby she will conceive. There are a lot of articles, research, and studies on the subject that you can find online and read about.

Half of your success with the 3-step method relies on testing your pH level and adjusting / maintaining your pH level to make sure it is optimal / favorable to the conception of the desired gender. The other half is attributed to strictly attempting conception on the ‘Crucial Dates‘ each month, until pregnancy is achieved.

We have been assisting thousands of families from all over the world since 1996. It has been validated beyond doubt (from close follow-up and data compiling) that there are very specific and limited dates (not ‘days’) on which a woman will successfully conceive the gender of her choice at a very high level of success, as long as her body’s pH level is in the optimal zone required.

There will be 4 specific (and consecutive) dates each month on which you will attempt conception, after you have completed the first 2 steps of the method (testing your pH level and adjusting your pH level). Those 4 dates are not the same each month / they change from one year to another as well. We call them ‘Crucial Dates’ because they are crucial to your success.

Our now famous ‘Crucial Dates’ to conceive a specific gender are not based on any of your personal information. We do not ‘calculate’ them based on your cycle either. In other words, they are not tailored to you / they are not ‘your’ dates specifically.

That being said, they obviously need to fall within, or very close to your overall fertile window. Or else, you wouldn’t be able to achieve conception in the first place, let alone conceive the gender of your choice. If the ‘Crucial Dates’ fall outside of your fertile window, you will be able to use an optional tool to change that. (You can find more information in another section of this F.A.Q. page.)

Please note: With this method, you do not need to pinpoint the exact day of your ovulation. That takes a lot of the work and stress away. As soon as you will reach the ‘optimal’ pH level required to conceive the desired gender, you will start attempting conception on the ‘Crucial Dates’ – regardless of them falling on (what you believe, guess or predict to be) before, during (same day) or after your ovulation day. (You really need to trust us on this one! Remember, 28 years of success stories to support that.)

The ‘Crucial Dates’ have been proven to produce the desired gender since 1996. However, remember that this is not just about one of those 4 dates that you need to conceive on. You also must make sure that your pH level is in the optimal range required as well. This is super important and counts for half of your success with this 3-step method.

The origin, and the exact theory behind the ‘Crucial Dates’ is something that only the founder knows about (a well-kept secret). Hopefully, not knowing that piece of information won’t prevent you from using this proven method. What really matters is the tens of thousands of families who have used those specific dates to conceive for over two and a half decades, and the ‘end result’ (desired gender) they have produced – when paired with the optimal pH level.

Long story short – make extra sure that your pH level is optimal AND to only attempt conception on the ‘Crucial Dates’. You’ll be glad you did.

Sounds too good to be true?

We’ve been in your shoes; we are mothers too. We know that the outcome of using a gender selection method is very important to you. Of all the families we have helped in the past, along with the ones we are currently helping – most of them were/are somewhat skeptical (and scared too), to various degrees. This is not only normal, but to be expected with such a delicate subject matter.

By letting that skepticism and fear take over in your decision process, your alternatives are either a costly and invasive procedure in a clinic or doing nothing, leaving it to fate, and accepting the usual 50% odd of getting the gender you wish for. There’s nothing wrong with those 2 options, it is your decision to make.

By deciding to follow the 3-step gender selection method, families find comfort in knowing they’re doing everything they possibly can to significantly increase the odds in their favor. As it turns out, the outcome of following the program often ends up winning over the initial fear and skepticism, for a lot of them.