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3-Step Baby Gender Selection Method

Do you have a strong desire to have a son or a daughter and to choose the gender of your baby naturally, without going through invasive and expensive medical procedures?

Have you been searching online and reading about all kinds of gender selection methods, tips and strange old wives’ tales about how to conceive a baby boy or a baby girl only to find yourself overwhelmed and more confused than when you started your search?

Gender Selection Method

Are you seeking clarity and a simple path to follow in your attempt to sway for pink or blue? If you’re ready to do everything you can to drastically increase your odds of conceiving and giving birth to the gender of your choice, we’d love to help.

We’ve been assisting families and turning dreams into reality worldwide since 1996 and are proudly celebrating our 28th anniversary this year. We are a team of devoted moms and we know a thing or two about baby gender selection!

Take a moment to read about a proven 3-step gender selection method backed by an impressive track record for over 2 decades and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

Test Your pH Level

Step 1: Testing

What is your pH level? Acidic OR Alkaline?

Did you know that alkalinity favors the conception of a baby boy and that acidity favors the conception of a baby girl?

As a matter of fact, scientific research and studies have demonstrated that the pH level of the woman’s reproductive tract has a direct impact on the gender of the baby she will conceive.

Men carry 2 types of sperm:

The X-chromosome (girl) are more resilient in the woman’s tract.

The Y-chromosome (boy) are smaller and less resilient (weaker).

Women with an acidic tract make it a harsher environment for the weak Y-chromosome (boy) to survive in. Once they’ve been eliminated by acidity, the only ones left to reach the ovum are the X-chromosome, producing a baby girl.

Women with an alkaline tract will act as a booster on the Y-chromosome (boy) which are already are faster than the X-chromosome (girl). Therefore, they will easily beat them in their run to the ovum, producing a baby boy.

The pH acidity/alkalinity level of a woman’s reproductive tract has a major impact in the process of selecting her baby’s gender.

This is why pH level testing is the very 1st step involved in our 3-Step program. It’s easy to do and we’ll tell you exactly how to calculate your test results.

Step 2: Adjusting

Bring & Maintain Your Body’s pH to the Optimal Level Required

After completing Step #1 above (testing your body’s pH), you will know if your reproductive tract has the optimal acidity/alkalinity level required to conceive the gender of your choice or not.

OPTION #1: Your pH level is ALREADY in the optimal range required.

If your pH level is already optimal and favorable to conceive the gender of your choice, you must make sure to ‘maintain’ it within that range while you’re trying to conceive and up until you get pregnant.

We will show you exactly how and provide you with everything you need inside your Home Kit.

And since your pH level is already optimal, you are ready to go ahead with Step #3 and start trying to conceive your baby using our proven program’s “Crucial Dates”.

OPTION #2: Your pH level is NOT in the optimal range required.

If your pH level is not where it needs to be to conceive the gender of your choice, you must make sure to ‘adjust’ it first.

Simply use the 100% safe and natural methods and tools provided inside our private Training Center to reach the pH level required.

You must make sure to ‘maintain’ your pH level within that optimal range while you are trying to conceive and up until pregnancy is achieved.

We will show you exactly how and provide you with everything you need, including 3 pH adjustment tools.

You will be pleased to know that you also have a 4th and optional pH adjustment tool available to greatly facilitate and speed-up your pH level adjustment and maintenance efforts.

Our safe and natural pH balancing supplements are very popular and our customers love them because they are of great help and provide faster results. They can be purchased separately, if needed/desired.

Once you have adjusted your pH and brought it to the level required, you are in the ‘maintenance’ phase and you can now go ahead with Step #3 and start trying to conceive your baby using our proven method’s “Crucial Dates”.

Adjust Your pH Level
Baby Conception

Step 3: Conceiving

Now that your pH level is optimal, it’s time to start trying to conceive on the specific dates we provide you with.

Our famous ‘Crucial Dates’ have been adding PINK and BLUE to more than 43,000 families worldwide since 1996!

For more than 25 years, it’s been proven over and over again with couples from all around the world that each and every month, there are very specific and limited dates on which you will successfully conceive the gender of your choice.

Each month, there are 4 specific ‘Crucial Dates’ on which any woman will successfully conceive a baby GIRL.


Every month, there are 4 unique ‘Crucial Dates’ on which any woman will successfully conceive a baby BOY.

But only if… the mother’s pH level is in the optimal range required to conceive the desired gender at the time of conception.

In order to succeed, make sure to have intercourse on the ‘Crucial Dates’ each month (the dates change from one month to the other) and to protect yourself from conception for the remaining days of the month until you get pregnant with your little Prince or Princess.

IMPORTANT Facts To Note:

The Crucial Dates are not based on any of your personal information or menstrual cycle.

Consequently, you will need to be fertile (ovulating or very close to) on those dates in order to get pregnant.

If the Crucial Dates do not line-up with your fertile window (ovulation), it means that your menstrual cycle is not favorable to the conception of the gender you want.

This is something you must know and be aware of, sooner rather than later. It could explain part of the reason why you may have 2 or 3 children of the same gender right now.

So if that’s the case for you, the good news is that we will let you know exactly what to do and how to change that, thanks to a fabulous tool we have available for women who need to alter their menstrual cycle to ensure that their ovulation will line-up with the Crucial Dates to conceive the desired gender.

Success is within your reach…

Take matters into your own hands and ‘skyrocket’ the odds in your favor!

Our 3-Step baby gender selection method has been providing astonishing results for several thousands of families worldwide since 1996.

It can work for you too regardless of your age, having a regular cycle or not, your family history or how many kids you have and their gender.

Your own success with this method relies on the use that you will make of the 3 steps involved, clear step-by-step instructions provided and how committed you are to make it work for you and your family.

If you do follow the 3 steps exactly as instructed (it’s simple but it requires dedication and commitment), then your chances of conceiving the desired gender will increase drastically.

4 reasons why this method will NOT work for you (including 3 that are 100% within your control):

  • One: You’re skeptical – you think this is ‘too good to be true’ and you leave this website.

  • Two: Your pH level is not in the optimal zone required at the time of conception.

  • Three: You conceive outside of the specific Crucial Dates we have provided you with.

  • Four: Your husband/partner is unable to conceive a specific gender because his sperm does not contain any X (or Y) chromosome (or not enough / too weak). This is a very rare condition.

Don’t settle for only 50% chance of getting the gender you want and don’t let ‘Mother Nature’ decide for you this time around. Take control and sway the odds in your favor! Success is within your reach.

We provide unlimited personalized support. We are moms too. We have used this 3-step method ourselves and we know exactly how you feel right now. We truly care about you and your success. We look forward to having you on board soon and to help you turn your gender selection dream into reality.

Make sure to visit our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page for more information, including when is the best time to join.

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