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What is your pH Level?

pH Level Baby Boy

Are You Acidic or Alkaline?

Did you know that alkalinity favors the conception of a baby boy and that acidity favors the conception of a baby girl?

As a matter of fact, scientific research and studies have demonstrated that the pH level of the woman’s reproductive tract has a direct impact on the gender of the baby she will conceive.

Men carry 2 types of sperm:

The X-chromosome (girl) are more resilient in the woman’s tract.

The Y-chromosome (boy) are smaller and less resilient (weaker).

Women with an acidic tract make it a harsher environment for the weak Y-chromosome (boy) to survive in. Once they’ve been eliminated by acidity, the only ones left to reach the ovum are the X-chromosome, producing a baby girl.

Women with an alkaline tract will act as a booster on the Y-chromosome (boy) which are already are faster than the X-chromosome (girl). Therefore, they will easily beat them in their run to the ovum, producing a baby boy.

The pH acidity/alkalinity level of a woman’s reproductive tract has a major influence on the gender of the baby she will conceive..

Testing your pH level is a fun & easy way to find out about your own reproductive environment and to which gender it’s favorable to! :)

pH Level Test Kit

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Are You Going To Conceive a Baby BOY or a Baby GIRL?

Are you currently trying to get pregnant (or planning to this year)?

Is your reproductive environment favorable to the conception of a baby boy or a baby girl?

Curious to know which gender you are most likely to conceive based on your pH level?

Avoid disappointment… Get your baby gender ‘pH Level Test Kit‘ and find out!

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pH Level Boy
* This test is for women only *

Your Home Test Includes:

• 15 Gender Selection* pH Test Strips

• Color Chart to match your test results

• Compilation & Calculation Sheet

• Detailed ‘easy-to-follow’ instructions

• Personalized assessment of your results

* Gender Selection pH test strips are different than regular pH level test strips found online or at your local pharmacy.

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