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Baby Gender Prediction Test

Are You Going To Conceive a Baby Boy or Girl?

Are you trying to get pregnant (or planning to within the next 6 months)?

Is your reproductive environment favorable to the conception of a baby boy or a baby girl?

Are you curious to know which gender you are most likely to conceive based on your pH level?

Avoid disappointment… Get your baby gender ‘pre-conception’ home test and find out!

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Send us your test readings via email and we will get back to you with personalized results.

* This test is intended to be used by women only.

Your Pre-Conception Test Includes:

• 15 High Quality & Accurate Test Strips

• Color Chart To Match Your Test Results

• Calculation Grid To Determine Your pH Level

• Detailed ‘Easy-To-Follow’ Instructions

• Personalized Assessment of Your Test Results

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